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These ladies saved my breastfeeding, new mom, overwhelmed life. Beth has been more than a lactation consultant, she's been a therapist, a confidant, and a friend. I tried the hospital lactation consultants as well as an LC with our pediatrician's office. No one really spent the time with us necessary to really see what was going on and offer helpful solutions. From the get go, Beth and Kate sat with me, focused on my baby and enthusiastically jumped onto the roller coaster ride that has been my breastfeeding journey thus far. They really love what they do and it translates into the quality of their work. Even more importantly, for me, they are judgement free and are sincerely interested in helping you reach your goal whether it be exclusive breast feeding, exclusive pumping, breastfeeding with formula supplementation, safely weaning, etc. If you're looking for genuine support, this is the place to go! ~ Misty



Today I had my first prenatal consultation appointment with Jennifer and she was beyond amazing! Professional and super knowledgable, she was able to give me tons of advice, teach me techniques, and overall get me ready to breastfeed my little girl when she arrives in just over three weeks. I was very nervous about the idea of breastfeeding (dedicated to it but nervous because I don't have many family members who have done it and limited friends with breastfed babies) and Jennifer answered my questions and stayed with me for two hours going over everything. I feel SO much more prepared to start on this journey and establish such an important relationship with my baby. Before finding Jennifer I had a phone consultation with another lactation consultant and an in person visit with yet another one and found both of them rigid and a bit pushy. On my third try I found Jennifer, who could not be more opposite with her laid back and understanding approach. I definitely plan to use Jennifer again for a postpartum consult when the baby comes home and I highly recommend her services!! ~ Tiffany



After my consult with Beth, I was eternally grateful to have sought her help and recommendations.  After giving birth, I had a postpartum hemorrage and lost a lot of blood, which delayed the production of milk.  I had initially used an LC that my hospital recommended to help with latching and she was fine at helping me with it and encouraging me to continue pumping.  However, it was a night and day difference when I finished my consult with Mahala's Beth Myler.  Even after 3 months, I still felt my milk supply was low for my twins and I really wanted to continue nursing them and find a way to enhance my milk supply.  Beth did a thorough analysis and we discovered many things about the twins' latching, that my son was tongue-tied and needed further consultation (he later had a frenectomy done) and Beth gave me wonderful suggestions on what safe supplements I could take to boost my supply and what books to read about nursing in general.  She also recommended continuing to use the hospital-grade pump and assessed I was using the wrong-size flanges.  My first LC didn't do any of these evaluations.  With the use of the Hygeia pump Mahala rents out, within a week, my milk supply was growing.  The pump was able to extract a good amount of milk (for me up to 8 ounces a day).  With the aid of the supplements, within a month or so, I was up to 12 ounces a day with breastfeeding and probably 16+ ounces a day when I was traveling for work and could not nurse my twins. 


I was so thrilled with the consultation!  Further to that, Beth was always available to answer any follow-up questions I had on breastfeeding via phone or text.  I had her come back for a second examination to make sure everything was going well.  I was determined to nurse and I honestly could not have done this without her support and encouragement.  I still needed to supplement my twins with formula but I was also able to give them the breast milk I wanted them to have.  I exceeded my own expectations.  I nursed one twin for 8 months when she herself weaned off and I was able to nurse my son for more than a year.  I realized my goal and encourage any new Mom to not give up but instead to reach out for help and support through Mahala.  They have the best diagnostic tools, make you feel so comfortable and are always available to answer questions.  They are flexible with their schedules and can even come on weekends when needed.  I am so grateful to have worked with Beth specifically and highly recommend her.  I loved my breastfeeding relationship with my kids and feel so bonded to my children.  It's a special feeling nothing can replace! ~ Nan



Jennifer completely turned my baby and I around to be able to thrive and be happy again. I was super stressed and feeling hopeless..... by the same evening after Jennifer had worked with us, my baby and I had made a 360 degree turn around. After 3 previous lactation consultants that we found to not be too helpful and we were going downhill fast as far as nursing at breast and milk production, we were lucky to be recommended to Jennifer by someone we knew. Not only was she EXTREMELY knowledgable and very thorough in her examination assessment and follow through during our session, it was also very clear that she has a deep love for her work, and takes true joy in bringing a mother and child together to have everything they require to thrive and progress BOTH bonding and feeding. Not only was I capable and aware/knowledgable after Jennifer worked with me and educated me on everything needed specifically for whatever little quirks were our issues, she also left me feeling empowered which was a huge deal after all we'd been through.

Our full-term baby being in the NICU for a week and a half, we'd previously worked with 2 lactation consultants in each of the hospital's he was in and a third one after who did not help us as my milk continued to deplete and our baby would not latch and nurse. We had just about given up hope and was very concerned as Formula was almost his only option at that point and we had already tried 3 that were painful for him, and were on a 4th formula and he didn't like much but at least not painful. We were at a loss how to proceed. My mother's instincts told me that he couldn't feed naturally/instinctively because he'd been through so much at hospital (IV, tubes, spinal tap, all kinds of other tests, etc.) and that we needed help adjusting and learning how to acclimate to each other and also to figure out how to get my depleting milk back before I completely lost it, both my milk and my mind :).  The 3rd lactation consultant completely disregarded me when I tried to discuss all this and was entirely focused on saying he is tongue tied and ignoring all our other issues and needs, and was not particularly caring or thorough. Our pediatrician has pretty solid experience examining for tongue tie and assessed our baby is physically totally capable of feeding and has no level of excessive tongue tie that would impede his feeding....yet we could not seem to find a lactation consultant that wasn't caught up/obsessed on the tongue tie.
I could not feel more blessed that we were referred to Jennifer. The business name of "Mahala" could not be more appropriate as Jennifer embodies the spirit of expert help, community spirit, and gentle loving approach in how she works with mother and child. By the end of the week after Jennifer had worked with us, my husband commented to me "ever since Jennifer has been here, you have been a new person, you are so much happier and calmer." Along with helping mother and child, Jennifer has brought a family together and left peace and love in her wake :-). After all we have been through I appreciate so much more everything we have now, and am unbelievably grateful to Jennifer for helping to educate and empower our family to do so well. ~ 



Beth, I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help!  You allowed me to reach and exceed the goals I have set for myself and my son.  You made it possible for me and I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for that.  I hope you never stop doing what you do!  When I finally finish school and become a midwife, I am going to recommend Mahala to all my patients that need help!   You were awesome and I just needed to let you know the impact you had on our lives.  Thank you again. ~ Melissa



Breastfeeding my daughter has been the greatest challenge of my life—and also the best thing I’ve ever done. And, to this day, I say that Mahala is the reason I was able to do it! For about the first month of her life, my daughter slept all the time, and was unable to latch because of my flat nipples. The hospital told us everything was fine and sent us home, but four days after her birth my daughter had lost so much weight we needed to take urgent action. I was so close to giving up, but I thought there would be no going back, so I decided to give it one more try. Beth from Mahala was at my door in a matter of hours, and she was absolutely professional (which was great because I was a wreck). She was not fazed by seeing me anxious, occasionally hysterical, and generally at my worst, and her demeanor instantly calmed me. Beth recommended blood tests to my physician, and even submitted a seven or eight page report to him after our first consultation. My doctor said he had never seen such a professional lactation consultant and was astounded by the depth of her knowledge and the thoroughness of her examination. Beth recommended oral supplements for me to help with my supply, as well as techniques that put us back on track, and she came armed with all of the supplies I needed so I didn’t even have to leave the house. After a few weeks (which, admittedly, felt like ages), my daughter was nursing like she’d been doing it forever. I cannot put into words what a beautiful feeling that was for me! I even called Beth for an extra consultation a few months later when I returned to work to make sure I understood the transition to pumping. I’m proud to say that my daughter is now one year old and we are still nursing. She is beautiful, healthy, happy, and absolutely in love with her mama, and I owe so much of that to the commitment and compassion of Mahala Moms. ~ Kelly


Deserves six stars. You get Jennifer and you get the crème de la crème of lactation consultants. My wife had to be induced early and then had some complications that got him admitted to the NICU of the hospital he was born in and then had to be transferred to another NICU. Being in the NICU for two weeks and this NICU did not have any kind of live in situation for us, my wife was unable to breastfeed our baby immediately and the NICU got him immediately used to the bottle which was a fast flow bottle. Ugh.
After our baby was born and the hospital lactation consultant at Hoboken University was horrible. She was OBSESSED with our baby being tongue tied and made it seem like a painful procedure with a long recovery to fix the tongue tie was all the latest rage and reading off a litany of the who's who of Hoboken who are all getting their babies tongue tie fixed. Until then, my wife cannot breast feed according to this "lactation consultant."
When we went to our pediatrician, she took a good strong look at our baby and immediately dismissed the lactation consultant's claim of being tongue tied. Yes, he was tongue tied, but just slightly and it would not impede his ability to breast feed.
Next up was yet another "lactation consultant" who seemed to be the first one's partner in crime. Not only was she sitting here talking about her baby for half the time, but then, finally after almost an hour and a half of talking about herself, she finally got to my wife and baby. Two seconds into looking at my baby, once again I hear this crap about my baby being tongue tied and there's NOTHING my wife can do until he's clipped and fully recovered. Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that my wife's milk supply seemed like it was drying up -- for which the lactation consultant had no help for. See my review of this "lactation consultant" for further information.
My wife remembered a friend from our local synagogue highly recommended Jennifer and with everything going on with our baby, subsequently forgot the recommendation. After facing so many challenges with our baby, we were hopeful that Jennifer could be of help. Be of help? Jennifer was and is AMAZING! Jennifer came over THAT MORNING in the middle of a snowstorm to help my wife not only increase her milk supply but also breastfeed our baby.
Around 10:30 the doorbell rang and in came a tall woman bursting with incredible energy. Her positive attitude was absolutely infectious. While my wife was her client, she immediately went over to our baby who normally hates strangers and won him over in 5 seconds. Then, she went over to my wife and treated my wife as if she was her only client. She did an incredibly thorough physical examination of my wife's breasts to check for deficiencies and actually found some. She looked at my wife's blood tests during her pregnancy and suggested she get something new checked that would physically hamper her milk supply. Talking with Jennifer, I felt like was talking with a walking talking lactation EXPERT. Jennifer had a wealth of knowledge and information that is absolutely invaluable. Then, Jennifer went back to our son and gave him a thorough examination, which after being in the NICU for two weeks he was not a fan of anyone examining him. Jennifer was gentle, kind and sweet and our little baby is absolutely smitten with her now.
Jennifer needed to give my wife two weeks of time to get her milk supply back. Once she did, she made a follow-up visit. When she weighed our baby on her first visit, he weighed just under 7 pounds. In her second visit, he now weighs just under 9 pounds. My wife has been pumping out milk faster than a dairy cow due to our son's high demand for the white stuff. Now was the time to see if he could latch now that my wife's milk supply was back. Jennifer walked in the door, quickly weighed our baby (see above) and got to work and in under 5 minutes, our son fully latched on and was getting milk straight from the manufacturer! The smile on my wife's face could not go away and once again, my son got to interact with Jennifer and is now asking to borrow money so he can send her flowers.
Do not even think about getting another lactation consultant. Jennifer is the best out there. She is incredibly professional, incredibly knowledgeable and overall the experiences we have had with her are very highly praise worthy. No, her services are not covered by all insurance, but consider her cost compared to the cost of buying formula at least twice a month for at least a year, combined with the fact that the formula you buy may or may not agree with your baby's stomach, combined with the fact that your baby may outright reject the formula and you and your baby have to go through this painful process of buying formula and let's be honest, there's nothing better for a baby than mommy milk. ~


Beth is a guardian angel sent down to help mommies and babies. I had open wounds on my nipples for almost a month, my daughter was gaining about an oz and a half per week, she fed almost constantly. I was told by my daughter's pediatrician that I needed to supplement because she thought it was a supply issue. Working with Beth, we discovered that my daughter had a posterior tongue-tie. Upon her recommendation, we drove to Albany to have a laser procedure done by a pediatric dentist. While there, we discovered she also had a lip tie, which also contributed to her in ability to access milk. Within two weeks of having the procedure done, my daughter had gained almost 12oz and my nipples were completely healed. My daughter's, then, pediatrician was right about one thing, it was a supply issue, one created by my daughter's physical inability to properly access milk and send the messages to my body to make more. Interestingly, this doctor also disagreed with the fact that my daughter had had a lip and tongue tie. With Beth's continued support, I learned how to pump and used herbal supplements to boost my supply. I ceased formula supplementation right after the procedure and ceased seeing that pediatrician! Sienna is thriving and weighing in at 13 pounds at four months, after coming home for the hospital at 7 pounds 10 ounces. I am convinced that Beth's gentle ways, patience, continued support, and knowledge base saved my baby and our exclusive breastfeeding relationship. Thank you! ~ Amanda and baby Sienna


I can't say enough how grateful I am to have had Beth partner with me! I was a new mom with a 9 day old baby with a freshly clipped tongue tie who wanted nothing to do with the breast. I felt so confused and alone. Beth was patient and thorough and helped create a plan that involved me pumping and bottle feeding while still introducing the breast at each feeding. Baby Cole went from latching maybe once a day to exclusively breastfeeding now 5 months later. She is still kind enough to talk me through my questions even today. She helped instill the confidence I needed to press on toward my goal of breastfeeding. Today, Baby Cole is a happy, healthy and super active little boy! ~ Jodi


Beth has been such a great support person to turn to for me as a first time mom. She helped to reassure me to always trust my instincts and gave me so much helpful information. On top of that, her report included observations that she suspected my son had torticollis and recommended follow up with our pediatrician. It turned out Braeden needed physical therapy and a cranial helmet for flattening. They told us that because we noticed it and got him early treatment, he should be out of the helmet in two or three months as opposed to six months or a year if we had been later. We are so grateful to her for the head start! ~Elizabeth 


Mahala has given our family the gift of their expertise, their compassion, their vast experience, and their loving support. During my pregnancy, Diana and Beth began teaching me and my husband what we could expect as new parents who were planning to breastfeed exclusively. Having been given this education, I learned that breastfeeding would require a large investment of time and effort in the newborn and infancy stage in order to benefit my child throughout his lifetime. From before my son's birth, during the newborn phase and through my return to work, with Beth's expert care, I have managed to continue breastfeeding exclusively. My healthy and thriving family is due in large part to Beth's support, be it a thorough home visit or a quick text message. She is an astute listener, and a truly gifted clinician. ~Cecilia


I can't tell you how good it feels to not have to warm a bottle in the middle of the night and to not have to pump all the time. What a huge relief!! THANK YOU AGAIN. I couldn't have done it without you. ~Joyce


Our son was gaining weight but he was so uncomfortable and unsatisfied all the time.  I was starting to think that we just had a fussy kid.  Over the course of a few weeks we made great progress with Beth's help and encouragement.  It makes us so happy to see our little boy content and smiling! ~Karen


I can't express what a gift Dana's help was for our family, bringing my baby girl and me from an absolute nightmare into the most lovely breastfeeding relationship I can imagine. When I called her, my 2 day old baby was jaundiced and frantic, my nipples were bleeding, and I was absolutely desperate. Dana came out to my home, and patiently worked with us over the course of the next months. She even kept in touch with us by text in between visits, celebrating breakthroughs and troubleshooting challenges. Under her care and guidance I was able to build up my nonexistent milk supply and finally help my daughter latch. It was so clear Dana had real love for her work and really cared about our well-being, which was so encouraging and motivating and gave us the heart to continue. She was an absolute ray of hope in a very difficult time, and her help was truly a lifeline for us.


Our case was a very difficult one, and Dana took it all in stride, consulting as needed along the way. My daughter has a genetic condition that made it tougher for her to learn to breastfeed, as well as severe reflux and allergies. Meanwhile Dana diagnosed my daughter with tongue tie and lip tie. She recommended a fantastic pediatric ENT to clip them, got me started with a good quality breast pump, found an obscure German nipple shield that made a huge difference for us when no other one had helped.


My daughter is now exclusively breastfed - and chubby, happy, and healthy! No nipple shield, no more pumping, just a sweet happy girl grinning up at me as she nurses. Thank you so much Dana - you are our hero! <3 ~Sarah