Lactation & Perinatal Services


Perinatal Services
  • private or group comprehensive prenatal breastfeeding classes (recommended after 36 weeks gestation)

  • postpartum lactation consultations in our office:

             general breastfeeding consultations


             induced lactation (adoptive parents, surrogacy)



  • pump parts and rentals

  • scale rentals

  • collaboration with your healthcare team 

  • resources and referrals


Our approach is caring, compassionate, and thorough. We've breastfed our own babies and know both the joys and difficulties.

Weight checks and pre- and post- feeding weights to determine your baby's milk intake

Thorough assessment of your baby's oral anatomy

Feeding observation, latching and positioning assistance, tips to help you breastfeed more comfortably

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Please Note:

Mahala Hoboken is now Loving Hands Lactation