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Mahala Moms is a free hang-out and social group for past, current, or future clients of Mahala Lactation and Perinatal Services, LLC.  Pregnant moms are always welcome to join us.

We meet in the warm and private environment of our office to have open discussions about breastfeeding, mothering, parenting, or anything that comes up.  This is a supportive environment where you can talk to other moms who really get what new motherhood is like.  It's also a great place to meet new friends and get breastfeeding tips and tricks.   Babies and children up to preschool age are always welcome.  A Mahala lactation consultant will be at each meeting to answer general breastfeeding questions.  She'll also have a scale available to weigh babies.

***Mahala Moms is a
safe and non-judgmental place for moms who are supplementing in any way, for any reason, or who are pumping exclusively.***

If possible, bring a yummy snack to share (with the other moms)!


*Please note that this is a private group for past, current, and future clients of Mahala only. You will need to request to join.

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254B Mountain Ave, Suite 303

Hackettstown, New Jersey


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Please Note:

Mahala Hoboken is now Loving Hands Lactation


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